What are the differences between testnet and pre-mainnet?


The MAP team announced a pre-mainnet launched last week.

Although the announcement, there is no clue to changed network clearly

  1. There is no change in the relayer system.

    Messenger(=relayer) system can’t be the same on different networks. Or there might be nothing changed on update.

    Furthermore, there is no guide, no explanation on the new messenger.

    Realyer is going from Poc-2 without any change of code.

    I can’t accept that this is the new network.

  2. 4 block miners again.

    Same as Poc-2, there are only four block miners and this is a really weak point of security.

  3. No communication.

    As I wrote above, there is no guide, no report, no explanation.

    Critically, there is no success announcement of the network.

    Only the “launching soon” announcement on media form.

    Just tweeting without information can’t be accepted by users.

    Map team needs to announce success or failure about the update, this is too important an announcement to skip.

I can’t agree that it’s a new network system.

It seems like just changing the name.

Announce the exact situation of the Map network.

1As you can see in the redefined MAP Protocol framework, we split the relayer into two roles, messenger and maintainer.

Now there is no relayer role, so it also ends the mining nodes and code updates for the relayer.

2 Now the pre-mainnet is not the official mainnet, so the 4 nodes are temporarily operated by MAP Protocol team, and more Validators will be connected when the mainnet is officially launched.We have built partnerships with some validators service companies.

3 The MAP team continues to advance development work based on theoretical research advances in this area of technology, with many optimizations to the Litebook and technology selection. After the pre-mainnet comes the official mainnet.The pre-mainnet will be converted directly to the official mainnet by technical means at that time.

Poc3 is not the same as Poc2 at all anymore, nearly equal to most of the functions of the comingmain network.

So, why is the relay program still going on?

Why no guide for maintainer or messenger?

In users’ view, there is no change and no guide for Poc-3.

You said there is no relayer and new messenger and maintainer in Poc-3, but there is only relayer and no messenger no maintainer but the network is going on this is really nonsense.

relayer program has stopped. Team need to give all the rewards to users.

in users’ view,you cant define poc3,because it is tech update.

MAP is infrastructure ,not a DApp,so users may not feel its change.

poc3 is a real environment for mainnet, messenger and maintainer code has been finished and is testing now,will be added in Poc3 next month.

As you replied, there are no points for the user’s view.

That’s why I require an explanation about the relayer program operated for a few days.

Users were all confused about it.

Your explanation should have been posted when Poc-3 launches.

Team will post a detail for the difference between Poc2 and Poc3