The main upgrades from poc2 to poc3(pre-mainnet)

  1. pos upgrade
    Implemented complete pos pledge, election, incentive and penalty process in poc3 GitHub - mapprotocol/atlas-contracts: MAP atlas core contracts.
    Optimized the ibft consensus process in poc3 to handle aggregated signatures GitHub - mapprotocol/atlas: MAP Protocol client implemented by Golang.
    encapsulated the marker tool for pos interaction atlas/cmd/marker at main · mapprotocol/atlas · GitHub
  2. light client optimization
    poc2 implements eth on-chain light client for verifying cross-chain from eth->map, poc3 does a series of optimizations for cross-chain from map to other chains, in addition to optimizing eth light client.
    Modified the aggregation signature algorithm from bls371 to bn254 and added g1 pubkey to the validator election. mainly to implement map light client contracts on eth and other evm chains in solidity “ contracts/tree/main/mapclients/eth”
    Develop map light client on the NEAR chain “map-contracts/mapclients/near at main · mapprotocol/map-contracts · GitHub
    Added pre-compiled contracts for ed25519 signature algorithm, mpt proof verification, etc. to facilitate the implementation of light clients on other chains such as near
  3. maintainer and messenger development
    Refactored the original relayer code to develop the maintainer and messenger program “GitHub - mapprotocol/compass: Maintainer of MAP Protocol.