MAP should strengthen the marketting,one of hottest way nowadays is create a meta human as founder

nowadays,meta human is the hottest topic in the world. I had discussed with some supportor about it ,we think map should create a meta (virtual )human founder or speaker.why ?

1 as the hottest topic of the world,meta founder could attract more attention from crypto community.that well be a good marketing coz of no project in crypto use it ,it will certainly become the topic of crypto community .
2 the speaker of map is lacked for long time. map is DAO driven now ,anyone who maybe can representation of map DEV team,but cannot representation of community ,like SATOSHI, maybe he is just stand for the community of bitcoin, no truely man can be the satoshi.
3 meta founder has many advantages.

A who can speak all main language in the world,like Korean /English /Spanish /France and other language ,but true human just can one or two,it is not good for map worldwide explore.but meta human can use AI speak many languages .
B meta founder can do Live broadcast,and join in the industry zoom meeting openly, and realtime answer any question about MAP by videos in anytime ,no matter how many folks is online.which be insetted knowledge base and AI, is very cool.
C this meta founder will be created by community ,including the name ,shape ,character ,the type of voice etc, that will be funny and attracting for outside community.
D during the creating ,will produce a lot of NFT, so DAO could determine to distribute it to the community .

Map is good at technology ,bad at marketing .so let us together to push map marketing getting better !

that is all ,how about your opinion,please discuss with me .


how is your opinion ?mate

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