GMAP DAO Governance (Trial Version) Updates

Thank you very much for all your participation in our DAO community, but especially thanks to the “Alpen 8192” user for submitting the excellent proposal. There were 11 participants in the proposal which lasts 72 hours and showed that 100% of participants agreed to the proposal.

Dear “Alpen 8192” user, Congratulations! Your proposal has been accepted and implemented.

The implementation plan is as follows:

DAO community governance is operated under the spirit: Truly decentralized, open and transparent, efficient and intelligent when cooperation.

DAO does not need hierarchical management, and everyone can participate in governance and decision-making. Its ultimate vision is to provide an economic and social system that replaces traditional centralization and realize decentralized resource allocation around a community mission.

Proposals approved through GMAP will be discussed by the MAP Protocol team for 7 days and published in the forum.

Hope more users get involved in GMAP DAO Governance!

Thank you all for your support.

  • MAP Protocol team
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