Dear users : Think more carefully to use the Makalu network.(Just personal recommendation.)

Hi, users.

Before starting the post, I want you to know I’m not in the official MAP team.

And I’m not here to instigate you guys to sell/buy Map or criticize the Map team’s whole project.

I’m just one of the users like you guys.

I pointed to the centralization of Poc-2 a few times, but there was no clear explanation from the Map team.

10 days ago, there was network-updating from Poc-2 to Poc-3.

Poc-3 also has a centralization problem and no messenger, no maintainer.

Just 4 nodes which the Map team operate are leading the network.

This is really a problem.

Most test networks have their own test token, different from real token.

But, ERC-20 MAP and MRC-20 MAP can transfer on 1:1.

This is the crucial point.

Your ‘real money’ is on the network, with no messenger, no maintainer, but only 4 Map team’s nodes.

I believe the Map team but this is not the point.

Adversaries can destroy your real asset by hacking only 2 or 3 nodes.

This is really vulnerable to your asset.

I asked about the problems but there is no clear explanation and no guide for messenger or maintainer.

Map team must not confuse the users by using the word ‘pre-mainnet’.

It’s just a test network!

Users need to think about depositing your asset to testnet with 4 centralized nodes.

I know the Map team’s ultimate goal is truly decentralized and final security.

But now, It’s just a truly centralized network.

We need more explanation. The team’s communications are always not clear.

Team will give you a reply later

I don’t think the recent forum(The main upgrades from poc2 to poc3(pre-mainnet)) is not the reply, right?